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Circularity drives growth.

We enable electronics manufacturers & retailers to go beyond CO2 neutrality by certifying their products to be waste neutral.


How? In regions where e-waste collection & recycling infrastructure is missing, we finance the creation. Our partners recirculate e-waste in this infrastructure before it's "lost" in landfill.

We capture the journey from collection to recycling and turn it into e-waste tokens. Compared to CO2 certificates, they are fully traceable, transparent and verifiable.

You can market your product, knowing that for every sale, an equivalent number of resources have been recycled before they could end in landfill.

Safe & transparent



Large partner network

Electronics are more than a
CO2 footprint.

Electronic waste contains a much higher quantity of valuable metals per ton compared to raw ore. They also contain severe pollutants like mercury & HCFCs. By shipping millions of kilos to landfills in developing nations, we lose access to these critical materials.

The footprint of our electronics can only be offset by collecting & recycling e-waste. Request a demo to see how we do that.


Our solution

With contributions, we fund e-waste collection initiatives

around the world & collect impact data in the process.

1. Integrate us into your flow.

Tell us which products you want to make waste neutral, and we match it to a resource footprint.

2. We record transactions

For each product sold, we record the amount of e-waste we need to save from landfill.

3. We finance e-waste initiatives

We match each purchase to the collection & recycling of the same resource material.

4. And track each recycled quantity

From collection to shipping, processing & recycling, we capture the complete journey.

What does that unlock for you?

Our e-waste tokens can be leveraged into ESG-claims for your products, or data for your sustainability reporting.


This drives:

- 2.5x CAGR compared to products without ESG claims

- 25% higher loyalty from end-consumers

- 10x higher CTR emails with personalized impact data

We're continuously testing new propositions with consumers. Our demo is full of examples on what you could offer.

Blockchain transparency

Completely anonymous

Personalized experiences

Our partners

We're in the process of building our solution for a release in 2023. Do you want to join?


Connect with us via


Consumer research

of respondents want to do something positive for the environment at purchase.
would like shopping experience to be tailored to them.
feel CO2 offsets don't have an impact on the environment.

Start supporting electronics & e-waste circularity directly at purchase.

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